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Childen's Festival Inspired and Co-hosted by Denmark - BUDI Bijenale

15.05.2018  15:17

On Friday, May 11th, H.E. Ambassador Anders Hougård visited Pančevo on the occasion of 7th BUDI Bijenale. BUDI Bijenale takes place in Pančevo every second year and lasts for an entire month. This year's festival is inspired by Danish culture of kid’s upbringing and the festivities will have Denmark as a theme. Danish movies, H.C. Andersen plays, LEGO workshops, exhibitions and much more will be on display in Pančevo.

We also took this opportunity to visit an elementary school  OŠ „Jovan Jovanović Zmaj” where a class of bright fourth graders together with their teacher Predrag Starčević prepared a class about Denmark. We were welcomed by Danish poems presented in creative ways, drawings showing Serbia and Denmark together, choreographies and a room full of positive energy and polite questions to the Ambassador. Impressed by their knowledge, Ambassador Hougård expressed his willingness to learn about Serbia in his time here at least close to what these amazing fourth graders from Pančevo know about Denmark.

OŠ ''Jovan Jovanović Zmaj'', 4/3

After the visit, we opened the festivities where Ambassador Hougård said: ''Denmark has a long and strong tradition of culture for children. There is a huge network of researchers, cultural experts, teachers, pedagogues and artists, who focus on importance of culture for children’s development. Because today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders, doctors, engineers. The creative industries, which now form an important and expanding part of economic success of many Nordic countries, start with children who play with art.''

BUDI Opening

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