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World Diabetes Day at the Danish Residence in Belgrade

16.11.2017  13:54

November 14th is the annual World Diabetes Day being held and marked all over the wold. Embassy of Denmark in Serbia organised a reception for around 40 respected guests, primarily medical workers working in the field of dealing with diabetes, as well as the Minister of Labour, Mr. Zoran Đorđević. President of the Republic Expert Commision for Diabetes, Mr. Nebojša Lalović also attended. Experiences and oppinions, together with new ideas about innovative technologies were exchanged.

While there is a different theme for World Diabetes Day every year, this years' theme being Women and diabetes - our right to a healthy future, it is important to know that over 700.000 Serbians live with diabetes. Even though new technologies are advancing constantly, education and prevention are still the key elements of dealing with diabetes. Healthy diet and regular excercise, for example, can prevent or delay type 2 diabetes.