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Official launch of the Nordic Branding Concept - The Nordics

11.04.2018  15:02

In order to support the increase in interest in the Nordic region and boost visibility, the Nordic Council of Ministers has developed a digital platform full of stories, films, facts, and images representing common Nordic values in action.

Accompanying the toolbox is a free interactive online creator, enabling anyone to share the passion for the Nordic mindset to design their own materials to promote Nordic events around the world.

“The Nordic countries share a set of values, centered around equality and openness,” says Margot Wallström, Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs and acting President of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

On the newly launched platform, there are already more than 40 Nordic stories – or Traces of North – from all corners of the globe. These diverse narratives represent how the Nordic values are embodied around the world and how they can be used to inspire and start new conversations.

Here is the link to the Nordic Digital Toolbox.

Here is the link of the press release from the Nordic Council of Ministers.