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The tool box

The tool box contains a number of instruments and opportunities for advice and assistance in connection with internationalisation and growth.

Check your innovation opportunities
An innovation check by the network of Advanced Technology Group (GTS) can help identify important possibilities in the enterprise – e.g. through the introduction and combination of new technologies or the use of new methods and practices. On the basis of background, business plan and strategy, development possibilities through national collaborations are identified. Read more on

Test your company’s export readiness
The Trade Council’s online test can help you evaluate your company’s export readiness. On the basis of a number and questions about product, market, strategy, etc., an assessment is formed on the initiatives that should be implemented.

Advice from Business Development Centres
The regional Business Development Centres offer free counselling for companies that wish to develop their business strategy further and prepare for export. Find your regional Business Development Centre and read more at

Clarify product requirements in the EU
Indre MarkedsCenter can help you clarify product requirements and requirements for the sale of services in countries within the EU. Even if your question is complex and requires that Indre MarkedsCenters contacts authorities abroad, all services are free of charge. Read more on

Export Authorisation
Export control are meant to ensure that potentially dangerous items and technologies do not fall into the wrong hands. There can be several reasons why a specific item requires special license in order to be exported – known as an export authorisation. Read more at

Learn language and culture
Knowledge about language and culture is important when a company is to establish itself in new markets. The Competence Centre provides courses aimed at Danish companies. Read more about the courses.




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