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Export Sparring

The Export Sparring program is constructed to prepare your business for exports in the best possible way. The program ends up with a specific export plan for your business.


The Export Sparring program prepares your business for exports. The regional Business Development Centres (Væksthusene) offer this program free of charge to companies planning to develop their business including getting ready to export their goods or services.

The program includes coaching by an experienced internationalization consultant. The coaching focuses on how to prepare your organisation so to create the best conditions for success abroad. The process results in a customised export plan for your business.

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The Trade Council in Serbia:

Monday - Friday
9.00 am - 4.00 pm
Meetings only after prior agreement.


Tel. +381 11 3679 505
Fax +381 11 3679 502


Neznanog Junaka 9a
11040 Belgrade


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