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Case: The company kk-electronic, which makes control systems for wind turbines, have been very successful in the Chinese market and attribute much of its success to the cooperation with the Trade Council.


"Our success in the Chinese market can for a large part be attributed to the help of the contacts and the great culture and market insights we have gained through cooperation with the Trade Council in China."
Kim Blach Villadsen, Vice President of China, kk-electronic.

kk-electronic produces control systems for wind turbines and has, among others, Siemens Wind Power A / S as one of its largest global customers. The company was founded in Ikast in 1981 and employs around 700 people in Denmark, Poland and China, respectively.

In 2007, kk-electronic was contacted by the Chinese company, Qianwei, who wanted to be a part of the booming Chinese market for wind turbines. The following year, kk-electronic signed a joint-venture agreement. Since then, sales have surged and the company has sold control systems worth hundreds of millions of DKK on the Chinese market.

Following the company establishment in the Chinese market, the cooperation with the Trade Council has increased considerably. Already at a very early stage, kk-electronics used the network and knowledge of the Trade Council on topics such as the job market in Chongqing in order to hire staff. This included a Chief Financial Officer, purchasers in Chongqing and a sales manager in Beijing. kk-electronic also used the Consulates’ business incubator facility in Chongqing when they worked on procurement for several of its subsidiaries in China.

Since then, the cooperation with the Trade Council developed to include customer searches, meeting programmes and participation in meetings with some of China's largest wind turbine manufacturers. The embassy in Beijing and the general consulate in Chongqing helped to ensure that kk-electronics met with decision makers at a senior level.

kk-electronics also participated in the Trade Council's initiative "My Danish Footprint in China" in 2012, which boosted the company's CSR visibility towards Chinese stakeholders. Similarly, the Trade Council's strategic coaching has been crucial for kk-electronics to manoeuvre efficiently in China.




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