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Jan Gehl i Beograd

14.11.2016  16:07
On the occasion of his book “Cities for People” being published in Serbian, the famous Danish urban planner and architect, Jan Gehl visited Belgrade, Nov 9-11.

He held a lecture at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, a book promotion at the City of Belgrade and met with the Belgrade City officials to discuss future urban development plans.
As part of the cycling promotion in Belgrade, Head of Mission, Morten Skovgaard Hansen and Jan Gehl also went cycling on the New Belgrade lanes.

On this occasion, Head of Danish Mission to Belgrade, Morten Skovgaard Hansen stated:

“I personally enjoyed reading Mr Gehl’s “Cities for People” – I agree very much with his views about giving priority to cyclists and a clean environment.
Through his book it is also extremely interesting to learn how urban planning directly can affect people’s daily lives.
How you make people move and thereby living a healthier life.
And also how you help people stop to enjoy, relax or interact with others, something Serbian cities are recognizable for already.”

The publishing of “Cities for People” was supported by the Danish Arts Foundation and Engineering Chamber of Serbia.




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