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April Nordic Edition of CorD Magazine

28.04.2020  10:31

The Ambassador of Denmark to Serbia Anders Hougård was interviewed to the annual Nordic edition of the CorD Magazine, a media outlet that provides independent coverage of business, finance, politics, diplomacy and society in Serbia today.

Along with other Nordic ambassadors, the Ambassador gave insight into what the Nordic developmental model is and how Western Balkan countries could benefit from applying certain features of it on their own developmental strategies.

He pointed out the importance of regional cooperation and improvement in relations, which, he believes, would be beneficial for potential foreign and local investments, and would strengthen the local business environment. The ambassador suggested that creating initiatives in regional governments that aim at creating platforms for local and foreign investments should be one of the next steps in the West Balkan region.

Freedom of media in this region was also mentioned as one of the main discussion topics, having the Ambassador state that everyone would benefit greatly from advancements in this area.

The ambassador was glad to share parts of this year´s activity plan of The Danish Embassy in Belgrade, noting that this year’s focus will be put on sustainability with focus in the food area, by organizing workshops in primary schools in the Mačva district in Serbia, as well as a conference.

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