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Defence cooperation Denmark-Serbia

12.05.2015  09:26
On May 6th a delegation from Denmark visited Serbia in order to finalize bilateral military talks and sign the official documents for bilateral cooperation in 2015. The Danish delegation consisted of Colonel Kurt Refsgaard and the Danish Desk Officer to Serbia Mr. Niels Randloev. The cooperation includes student sponsorships at various international institutions and the ongoing logistic exercise called LOGEX15. Most importantly is continuation of the Danish support to the implementation of Serbian IT infrastructure within the Armed Forces and the implementation of the new organisation for the HR psychologist structure. The Danish delegation had as always a fruitful visit together with our Serbian counterparts. More information here   

On May 8th a Danish delegation visited the training site for the multinational logistic exercise 2015, called LOGEX15. The visit confirmed that the Serbian host had done their outmost to optimize everything at the training site which accommodates 81 training audience from 15 countries and 41 personnel in the training staff. The US European Command and NATO School from Latina in Italy and other organizations participates. The exercise started on May 8th and lasts till May 15th. The Danish contribution to LOGEX15 has been the conduct of five training events in 2014 in Serbia leading up to the exercise in 2015. Furthermore the Danish side has funded the establishing of the military training site with computers, multimedia equipment and updated accommodation facilities as well as sponsorships of most of the participants. One Danish officer has been permanently engaged to the training and exercise. It is impressive to see what Serbia has done as host nation. Together with other partners it seems as the exercise will benefit all participants and improve cross border military logistic relations and cooperation between people within the Western Balkans region and outside the region. Denmark has been similarly engaged in the logistic training since 2007, and this year’s participation will terminate many years great achievements.

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