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Danish Film Festival Opens in Bečej

20.02.2020  13:54

On Monday, the 17th of February, we had a pleasure of visiting the city of Bečej, a prosperous town in the heart of Vojvodina. We opened the Contemporary Danish Film Festival, talked about opportunities for further cultural as well as economic cooperation, and visited the sights of Bečej that prides itself on its rich and mixed cultural heritage.

We were glad to have had a chance to participate in another event that aims at bringing Danish and Serbian culture and art closer together, while also having a chance to enjoy the company of the welcoming people of Bečej. The festival night was opened by His Excellency The Ambassador Anders Christian Hougård, and the opening was followed by the movie Key House Mirror (Nøgle Hus Spejl), an awarded drama about life, love and loss which received critical acclaim.

For the following three days, the people of Bečej were able to watch another three great Danish films - Long Story Short (Lang Historie Kort), Silent Heart (Stille Hjerte) and Charmer (Charmøren). We had an honor of helping with the selection of films, and it brings us joy that the audience was able to see the best of Danish cinema. The response was admirable, and the number of visitors exceeded our expectations. It was thrilling to see the warmth and the enthusiasm shown in the Bečej community, and the way they greeted us and had their arms open for Danish art and culture awoke a very fulfilling sentiment on our side.

It was a great pleasure to have the opportunity to meet with the local authorities and administration, who have given us an insight into what their developmental plans were, while also providing us with an overview of industrial developments in this town. The city was also kind enough to provide us with a tour, through which we had a chance to learn about the town and its history.

We are already very proud of the relationship that we have established with this town, as  Danish companies have shown interests and have been present on that ground. With this in mind, we are glad to see them thriving, of course to the mutual benefit of Bečej’s citizens.

This occasion was of different nature, but we are glad that we could strengthen the cultural ties with this town as well, and open another chapter of cooperation in this way.

We would like to thank the Bečej City Theater and the city for their cordiality, as well as guests for visiting the festival and showing appreciation for Danish cinema.

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