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Denmark Helping in Fight Against Youth Unemployment in Serbia

31.01.2019  12:15
On Wednesday, January 30th the Embassy of Denmark took part in a closing conference of the project 'New Decent Job Opportunities for Youth in Serbia'.

Organized by the Initiative for Development and Cooperation, the Conference was the closure of two-year long project, financed by Civil Samfund i Udvikling. The key Danish partners in the project were Forum for International Cooperation and 3F Denmark. In addition, Solidar Foundation in Brussels provided expert support.

Danish Ambassador, Anders Hougård, complemented the Serbian authorities on modernizing education and making its future workforce more employable.

"For many companies, the steps Serbia is taking in dual education are much appreciated. This model also works in Denmark for Danish students.
Many of those students stay in companies that were part of their dual education. It then becomes a win-win situation for all parties involved.
In terms of modernization of the education, Serbia is taking really big steps. It is digitizing the teaching aids, books and tools.
Serbia is also introducing programming in elementary school. I believe this will help boost Serbia’s already successful IT sector, whose exports have now overcome 1Bn EUR. I would say I see a vision for the promising development and fight against youth unemployment. It will take time, but through dialogue with all the stakeholders, I believe the positive economic trend of the country will continue", stated Ambassador Hougård.

Minister for Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs, Zoran Djordjevic stated the following: "As the latest in the series of initiatives that the Ministry took is to form a coordination team which would analyse the situation and suggest the necessary interventions with an aim to prevent future emigration of citizens from the Republic of Serbia, primarily the young, highly educated generations."

"The aim of the project was and is to strengthen the cooperation of the social partners in combatting the youth unemployment by developing a common action plan for this. This action plan is developed and to be presented to day.

And next step is to get all actors and stakeholders in Serbia, that can influence the implementation of the proposals, to take actions: social partners at local, regional and national level, Government, Parliament, Municipal council, public administration, Job Centres, Vocational Training Centres etc.
This is for the future after today", stated Mr. Claus Larsen-Jensen, the key Danish expert from Forum for International Cooperation.