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Danish-supported project presented in Belgrade

01.10.2014  10:19

This week the report ”Serbia and Kosovo: European Perspectives and Practicalities” was presented in Belgrade. The European Movement project has sought to contribute to improving the relations between Serbia and Kosovo through initiation of dialogue on mutual economic relations and prospects in the process of European integration.
The Danish Ambassador Michael Borg-Hansen (picture) participated in the presentation and highlighted how bringing relevant stakeholders together in Belgrade, Lescovac and Kosovo has brought important discussions on concrete issues to the table.

The report shows how concrete measures have provided a basis for commercial activities between Serbia and Kosovo to the benefit of the population in the border areas. However, it is also very clear that much more could happen if more barriers were removed. The normalisation process between Serbia and Kosovo is not only of a political character. On a daily basis the situation affects people and companies and limits their possibilities to earn a living.

The ambassador also stressed the importance of regional cooperation and used the cooperation between the Nordic countries as an illustrative example.
The project was implemented during the second half of 2013 and first half of 2014 by the European Movement in Serbia, in cooperation with the Institute for Development Policy INDEP from Pristina, with the support of the Danish Embassy in Belgrade.
You can read more about the project and download the report here:


Ambassador Michael Borg-Hansen spoke at the presentation