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Danish-Serbian District Heating Days in Serbia

03.05.2019  14:59
In the beautiful mountain of Zlatibor, 7th Biannual Danish-Serbian District Heating Days took place on April 23 and 24, organized by DBDH and Association of District Heating Plants of Serbia. 

On this occasion, Danish Ambassador Anders Hougård stated:

"As many of you already know, Denmark is one of the most energy efficient countries in the world. An important part of this is that 63% of Danish homes get their heat and hot tap water from district heating. Furthermore, around 60% of our electricity comes from combined heat-and-power production. This makes district heating essential to the Danish heat and power supply. Because of the high efficiency and flexibility in the district heating and combined heat and power system, it is a key element of Denmark’s vision of being fossil fuel independent by 2050."



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