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IFU – Investment fund for developing countries
IFU supplies counselling and venture capital for Danish companies that want to do business in emerging markets. For more information on IFU click here

The fund is also investing in the Danish Agribusiness Fund (DAF) and is expecting to reach DKK 6 billion, in investments in improvements of production, distributing and sale of food. DAF will be run by IFU, who has experience from 1200 investments in more than 100 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and parts of Europa. This includes agriculture in Serbia. For more information on the fund click here (Danish).

EKF – Denmark’s Export Credit Agency
The agency helps Danish companies make it possible and attractive for costumers abroad to purchase Danish products by helping raise financing and by insuring companies and banks against the potential financial and political risks of trading with other countries.

An export credit guarantee is insurance against the risks of doing business and investing in other countries. This can help a company finance its activities, increase sales and transform uncertain markets into certain exports.  

For more information on the agency click here.