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Other Projects

Flood relief 2014:

In response to the floods in May 2014 the Danish Emergency Management Agency, a part of the Danish Ministry of Defence, sent 34 men, eight water purification units and pumping equipment to Bosnia and Herzegovina to help lead the masses of water away from the flooded areas and provide people with clean drinking water. Additionally, a Dane from the Danish Emergency Management Agency was head of the UN team (UNDAC), which aimed to assess and coordinate disaster response in the region.

Danish expertise in EU Twinning project on improving official statistics in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

The aim of the project is accurate, reliable and timely production of official statistics which is of great importance as statistics can provide crucial information for planning and monitoring the process of transition and reform in BiH. The European Union's long-term objective is to support the BiH Statistical System on its European path, and one of the moves forward is this Twinning project.

The project is implemented by Statistics Denmark as lead partner and with Statistics Finland as junior partner. Apart from experts from Denmark and Finland, also experts from the national statistics institutions in Germany, Latvia and Lithuania will participate. The project is funded by the EU and will be implemented from September 2014 to October 2016