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On this page you will find questions which the Embassy is frequently asked.

Q) Which Danish companies exist in Serbia and how do I find them?
There are over 30 Danish registered subsidiaries of Danish  companies registered in Serbia. Many more are active through local partners or distributors. The Embassy regularly updates a list of Danish companies registered in Serbia. This list can be acquired in electronic form by contacting us at [email protected].

Q) What is the wage and price level in Serbia compared to Denmark?
The wage level in Serbia is still significantly lower than in Denmark. The food prices are well below those in Denmark, but the prices of certain consumer goods such as international clothing brands and telecom prices do not differ significantly.

Q) What language must I speak when I have a request for the Trade Department?
The official language of the Trade Council is English. However, you are welcome to address us in either Danish, English or Serbian via email or telephone.

Q) What does it cost to get help from the Embassy?
The Trade Council charges the hourly rate set by the Foreign Ministry plus any additional costs that may incur. Through the Export Start Programme, it is possible to get 35% discount on the hourly rate for small and medim sized enterprises.

Q) Are there any obstacles for a given product to enter the market in Serbia – e.g. are there any trade barriers?
For more information about the trade barriers and overall framework conditions for doing business in Serbia, please see:

Q) Who should I direct my questions to if I have inquiries about other countries, than Serbia, in the region?
If you have any enquiry related to any of the markets of the Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina or FYR Macedonia you are welcome to contact Nenad Mitošević ([email protected]) .