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The Trade Council in Serbia

The Trade Council of Denmark is a part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is the official export and investment promotion agency of Denmark. The Trade Council benefits from a large number of Danish Embassies, Consulates General and Trade Commissions abroad. The Trade Council advises and assists Danish companies in their export activities and internationalization process according to the vision: We must be a partner preferred by enterprises in international trade and investment activities. The work in the Trade Council of Denmark follows specific procedures and quality guidelines. In this way our customers are secured the best possible quality under the varying working and market conditions at any given point of time.

The markets of Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia consist of approx. 11-13 million consumers. The region has seen a long reform process with many new reforms providing better conditions to the local enterprises. These factors among others create the business opportunities in different segments in both private as well as public sector. The region is now in a recovery process after the economic crisis in the autumn of 2008. Especially Serbia has had focused on economic reforms since 2013/2014 resulting in a stabilized economy, balanced budget and economic growth and decline in the unemployment creating increasingly more business opportunities for Danish exporters and investors. Opportunities which the Trade Council can guide your company to.

Based on a common cultural heritage, the countries in the region are often recognized as one market by international actors doing business in the region. To some extent, this is a correct assumption. The countries have many similarities in areas like mentality, legislation and linguistics. The Trade Council of Denmark has its focus on this part of Europe through the Danish Embassy in Serbia and the honorary consuls in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro and North Macedonia.

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